About The Academy

Our program is designed to give you the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to successfully help clients and build a thriving practice

What Are You Seeking?

Some of our students have no interest in ever providing sessions professionally. They just want a solid grounding in EFT for personal growth and possibly to help loved ones. If this is you, you’re absolutely welcome! Our workshops are life changing!

Or perhaps you already have a healing practice and just want to add EFT to your menu of services. Again, welcome! We’ve been deeply honored to have wonderful therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, physicians, body workers, naturopaths, nutritionists and others take our workshops.

If you have no background in counseling, therapy or any healing arts, but feel yourself called to begin a new career helping others, you’re in good company!  This describes at least half of our students and we’ve witnessed so many amazing success stories.  You've come to the right place.

Why Choose Tapping the Matrix Academy?

In the US there are several other programs offering certification with live workshops. We all share the same basic requirements (50 sessions, etc.) and most of the trainers out there are awesome – many are our friends and colleagues.  You'd get a good foundation from these programs, and yet our students travel from all over the US and Canada, and sometimes much further.  Why?

What Makes Our Program Different – and better:

  • We provide ongoing supervision, both group and one-on-one
  • Seamless integration of EFT with Matrix Reimprinting
  • Access to real clients through our low-cost EFT Clinic
  • Simplicity, transparency and affordability
  • Training with Rob Nelson

Workshops are essential. Please don’t waste your money on “study at home” online training programs. Even Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, agrees and he has the best possible online tutorial.  Nothing compares with live training.  But after the workshops, when you’re working with friends, family, swap partners and hopefully real clients – you’re going to run into challenges.  Guaranteed.

Without supervision those inevitable challenges often become stumbling blocks.  Or a brick wall.  Tough sessions are discouraging and you might lose enthusiasm and momentum.  Or even give up. With the insight, encouragement, feedback and brainstorming that supervision provides, stumbling blocks become stepping stones to greater competence and confidence.

This is one of the main reasons Rob founded the Academy.  Some programs provide ZERO supervision!  Or you can purchase it for an additional fee (which is often very expensive).  Our program includes ample supervision - it's built in.  And this continues even after you graduate!   Why?  Because we want you to succeed.

Matrix Reimprinting
EFT is truly awesome. But Matrix Reimprinting takes it to an entirely new level. We believe every EFT practitioner should learn Matrix.  And our Academy provides seamless integration. Founding his own program gave Rob the autonomy to weave in super helpful Matrix concepts from the first day of training in EFT Level 1.
You really won't get this anywhere else.

The Clinic
If you already have a steady stream of paying clients, this might not be relevant for you.
But if you don’t, our Clinic offers low-cost EFT/Matrix sessions ($90 for 3) to the public. Sign up to be a provider and we'll start sending you “real” clients.

You won't get paid, but you’ll get awesome experience and once the 3 sessions are up, clients often want to continue with you - at whatever rate you negotiate.  All Clinic sessions are done via phone, Skype, Zoom or Facetime, so you can do them from home. Of course you always have the option to take a break, or turn down a client if you're busy.

Our students rave about the Clinic experience. It accelerates graduation, builds massive confidence and may just jump start your private practice with paying clients.

Simplicity & Affordability
Most programs offer several levels of EFT certification – usually a Level 3 workshop leads towards some sort of ‘advanced’ or ‘expert’ badge. This has a very strong appeal for those of us who never quite feel good enough and are always seeking an enhanced status to compensate.  "Just one more badge or credential and maybe I'll finally feel ready!"

Rob takes a more Zen approach with the Academy.  We offer 4 primary workshops – 2 for EFT and 2 for Matrix Reimprinting  With just one certification for each technique.  Honestly, that's all you need.  To really master EFT & Matrix, we believe it’s far better to deepen your understanding and skill by repeating these core workshops.  And we’ve made it very affordable to do so - at only $100 per workshop.

You won’t find better value with any other program.  Seriously.  Our tuition is actually lower, but we give you more.  For example, free life-time group supervision, so you’ll be supported even after certification.  Free listing on our practitioner directory for at least the first three years. Free access to potential paying clients through our Clinic.  

Our program is all inclusive. No hidden costs, no expensive text books to buy, no exam fees, no required sessions with Rob, no renewal costs. And no moving goal posts!  

Our Trainer
We believe you won’t find a more qualified trainer than Rob.  His background in Counseling Psychology brings a therapeutic depth to the material that most students find very interesting and helpful.   Choosing a trainer you can respect and relate to is very important!  Read the testimonials and watch Rob’s videos.  If he rubs you the wrong way then this is definitely not the program for you.  Otherwise, you’re in for a treat.
Click here to read more about Rob

Why Bother Getting Certified?

You don’t need to be certified to hang out your shingle and start charging for sessions. In the US there are currently no requirements for certification whatsoever.  So why go through the hassle of certification?

Most importantly – it will make you a much better and more confident practitioner. And that confidence means you’re more likely to succeed.  And of course potential clients will like the look of that Certified Practitioner badge, and rightly so.  You didn't pull it out of a box of Crackerjack.  It actually means something.

Also, if certification or licensure ever is required, practitioners who are already certified would almost certainly be “grandfathered in.”   That seems to be the way of the world.

Click here for certification requirements.

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