Rob Nelson - Academy Trainer

Rob Nelson with EFT founder Gary Craig

Rob with EFT Founder Gary Craig

Rob Nelson attended the University of Oregon, earning a Bachelors in Psychology in 1981 and his Masters in Counseling Psychology in 1983.  His early career focused on abused, neglected and delinquent children.

Rob has worked the ‘graveyard shift’ with a suicide prevention hotline, taught parenting classes through the Santa Rosa Junior College, was a presenter for the Beyond War organization, and after the birth of his first daughter in 1989, took a break from talk therapy to work as a Certified Massage Therapist for many years.

Rob says “One thing I loved about massage was that my client always felt better.  Every time!  This wasn't always the case with ‘talk therapy’.  EFT provides the same sort of ‘instant gratification’ and that’s one reason I love it so much.”

Rob encountered EFT in 2007 – first working on his own issues, then studying to become a practitioner. In March 2008 he hung out his shingle and began seeing clients in Santa Rosa, California. Rob began teaching classes and workshops right away, wanting to share EFT as widely as possible.

Rob Nelson was certified by Gary Craig in 2009 and began teaching classes and workshops. In 2010 Rob became a trainer for EFT Universe and helped develop their new certification program.

In early 2011 Rob encountered Matrix Reimprinting and fell head over heels in love!
He soon became a certified Matrix practitioner and after using it with hundreds of clients and taking several trainings, Karl Dawson made Rob an official Matrix trainer in February 2012. Rob is one of only 4 Matrix trainers for the US and Canada.

In November of 2013 Rob left EFT Universe to found Tapping the Matrix Academy – an artisan EFT & Matrix Reimprinting certification program.

Rob says “I wanted to streamline and simplify EFT training and certification, while fully integrating EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. I also wanted to emphasize on-going live supervision – something crucial that I felt was missing from other programs.”

In 2014 Rob met with Gary Craig, who wanted to ensure that the Academy would accurately represent Gary’s Gold Standard EFT. Rob agreed to teach to Gary’s standard as much as possible and to make it clear when alternative ideas and techniques are introduced.

Rob Nelson with Karl Dawson founder of Matrix Reimprinting

Rob has trained with Gary Craig, Bruce Lipton, Rupert Sheldrake, AAMET founders Tam & Mary Llewellyn, Gwyneth Moss, Margaret Lynch and distance healer Harold McCoy.  Along with being certified by Gary Craig, Rob is a Certified Expert Practitioner with EFT Universe and a Level 3 AAMET practitioner.  

Gary Craig's

Gary Craig's EFT certification

Our Academy

Certified EFT Practitioner

EFT Universe

EFT Universe Expert Practitioner

Karl Dawson's 

Matrix Reimprinting Master Trainer


AAMET Level 3 Practitioner

Trainer for EFT U

Former EFT Universe Trainer

Rob Nelson is not a licensed therapist or psychologist, though he is a CE provider for the California Board of Behavioral Sciences for MFTs and LCSWs.  Rob is also an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church and brings a strong spiritual and metaphysical orientation to the work. He balances his private practice with a demanding training schedule. He's taught throughout the US, and in Canada, Thailand and the Philippines.

Rob Nelson with Bruce Lipton

Rob is also Director of the Northern California EFT Tappers Gathering, a yearly non-profit event that brings together speakers and tappers from around the region.

Now in its 5th year, The Gathering has raised thousands of dollars for the Peaceful Heart Network, providing tapping relief work in Africa for victims of war, genocide and mass trauma.

Rob Nelson lives and works in beautiful Santa Rosa, California. He's the proud father of two wonderful daughters and is currently working on his first book:  RetroCausation - the Art & Science of Happy Endings, due for publication by the end of 2017.

Northern California EFT Tappers Gathering
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