Matrix Reimprinting Training & Certification

Matrix Reimprinting is a powerful way of using EFT to replace negative, limiting beliefs by resolving specific traumatic memories.  

We strongly believe that every EFT practitioner should train in Matrix Reimprinting.  Though it's not a replacement for EFT, it does take it to a deeper, more profound level.

Rob Nelson is a Certified Master Trainer for Matrix Reimprinting - one of only 4 trainers for the US and Canada.  

Certification is through Karl Dawson's EFTMRA in the UK with our Matrix workshops satisfying the requirements.

Matrix training is only open to students with a strong EFT background, ideally up to Level 2 standards.  You do NOT have to be certified in EFT to take Matrix.  

Most of our Matrix students have taken EFT Level 1 & 2 workshops, however some may have learned EFT from Gary's dvds back in the day and have been doing EFT with clients for many years.  In some cases TFT training may qualify, but we do not accept Faster EFT training as satisfying the prerequisites.  If you aren't sure whether you're qualified, please contact Rob directly.

Of course, we believe that our Academy EFT training is the perfect preparation for learning Matrix!

Matrix Certification
There are two paths toward certification.  By far the most popular is to take the two workshops - the Basic Practitioner Training and Matrix Reimprinting for Specific Issues. You may then take the online exam, and upon passing you will be certified.  The cost of the exam is included with the second workshop.

Alternately, once you've taken the Basic Practitioner Training, you may register on the Matrix Reimprinting website, watch the 11 hours of training videos and then take a similar online exam.  Upon passing that you'll be certified.  It costs £99 to register on the site and another $15 for the exam.

With both paths, practitioners are required to read and agree to the EFTMRA code of ethics, and to carry liability insurance.

Practitioner Directory
Once certified you are eligible to be listed on the practitioner directory.  Registration on the site costs £99 a year and will hopefully bring you many wonderful clients.  This will also give you access to all the training videos should you want to go through them.  In addition to being a potential source for great clients, having a link back will help your own website's SEO. Very helpful!

To see Rob's listing, click here.  

Workshop prices in the US has been set for all trainers at $395 and $365 with early registration.  We offer an additional discount when signing up for both workshops together.  To re-take a Matrix workshop with a different trainer it's half price.  To re-take with the same trainer it's $100.

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