Marcella Friel - Certified EFT Practitioner

Marcella Friel Certified EFT Practitioner

MARCELLA FRIEL offers a coaching practice that helps health-conscious adults resolve their chronic struggles with food and self-image.

A 15-year veteran of the natural foods world, Marcella was kitchen manager at Spirit Rock Meditation Center for nearly five years and an instructor for Bauman College’s Natural Chef Program, where for nine years she trained fledgling chefs how to cook health-supportive foods for people with degenerative disease and chronic allergies.

A longtime meditation practitioner, Marcella combines laser-sharp insight, playful humor, and a gentle inquisitiveness that helps clients feel held, seen, and at ease, even as they’re working through their deepest and darkest stuff.

Marcella also offers fun food and beauty workshops and tapping groups. You can find out more at

If you live anywhere in the English-speaking world, I offer coaching sessions via telephone, Skype, or FaceTime.

We'll begin by clarifying the goals you want to reach and identifying everything that stands in the way of those goals. Through EFT work you will recover those parts of yourself that got lost through stressful early-life experiences.

Those patterns that once seemed so deeply entrenched will slip away like yesterday's dream. Freedom, ease, and genuine choice will take their place.

Contact me now to schedule your complimentary Illumination Call.

Certified EFT Practitioner
Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

"Marcella is a marvel. She is intuitive, kind, and gentle, and she's also super-skilled at EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.I have called on her for help with overeating, health issues, and most recently, the shock and angst of splitting up with my husband and moving out of the house I've lived in for ten years.Every time after working with her, I find my view of the world transformed, and I laugh and am happy again. Thank you, Marcella!"—Ellen Y., Napa, CA

"That one session was worth more than six years of therapy for a fraction of the price."—Tarney B., Sonoma, CA

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