Would You Like to Host a Training?

Host a Training!

What We Need From You:

  • Students - depending on your location, you'll need a minimum of 6-8 students ready to sign-up from the get go, before we even advertise the event.  
    Ideally they're ready to at least put down a deposit.
  • Venue - some of our best workshops ever have been in living rooms & condominium club houses.  Keeping costs down makes travel way more do-able.  So a free or low cost venue is ideal.  
    That said, if we have 10+ students, we'll happily spring for a conference room if need be.
  • Logistics - tea and coffee for the class.  Maybe some snacks?  Possibly a ride to and from the airport?  Possibly a place for Rob to stay?  
  • Screen - an actual projection screen, a big screen TV with an hdmi port, a white wall.  We're easy, but we need something!

What's In It For You?

  • Free Tuition - get together a viable group of at least 8 paying students and you get to take the training for free
  • Being Central - as the organizer, you'll naturally become the hub of a beautiful new community of amazing healers
  • Stay Home - seriously.  You don't have the hassle and expense of travel to take the trainings!  We take that on.
  • Friends - our workshops are powerful growth experiences, beyond just learning the techniques - and we often see beautiful new friendships develop!
Host a Training - it's fun!

Four Days 
Our usual gig is two 2 day trainings back to back - so EFT Level 1 & 2 or Matrix Reimprinting & Matrix for Specific Issues.  We usually do a Saturday through Tuesday schedule. Students are welcome to just take the first two days, but ideally we'd have a core group for all four days.  

If you have a super committed group we could do EFT and then the first Matrix workshop over 6 days.  It's intense, but actually really wonderful. 

Ducks in a Row
If you're interested, please make sure you have a venue, and at least 6 students willing to put down a deposit.  Then contact us and we'll look at dates.  If you want to get a jump on that, you can look at our Upcoming Workshops page to see which weekends are already taken.  July is not available.

We really appreciate your interest! 

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