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All of our practitioners are trained in both EFT & Matrix Reimprinting.  All of them are excellent.  And because EFT & Matrix sessions are just as effective by phone or Skype, you can use your intuition to choose any practitioner you feel an affinity with - rather than being stuck with whoever happens to be within driving distance.  This is really empowering!

It makes a tremendous difference who you work with.  Please notice who you feel most drawn to and feel free to contact them with any questions you might have.

Academy Certified EFT Practitioners

Marcella Friel Certified EFT Practitioner

Marcella Friel

Marcella offers a coaching practice that helps health-conscious adults resolve their chronic struggles with food and self-image. A longtime meditation practitioner, Marcella combines laser-sharp insight, playful humor, and a gentle inquisitiveness that helps clients feel held, seen, and at ease, even as they’re working through their deepest and darkest stuff.
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Sonoma, CA & Crestone, CO
In-Person, Phone and Skype

Jeanette Logan Certified EFT Practitioner

Jeanette Logan

I'm a Natural Wellness Coach who has been studying and practicing holistic health since 1985. I specialize in stress and pain relief, self-esteem, and Body/Soul Fitness for optimal health and playful joy. I am passionate about working with health-minded women who are struggling with stress and pain due to changes they're going through as they age.
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Vallejo, California
In-Person, Phone and Skype

Joanne Frazer

EFT is my way of creating a welcoming and embracing space for people to share their dreams, pain, and triumphs. My passion is helping those around me heal from their own limiting beliefs and open up to a new type of living and feeling they never dreamed possible.
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Fort Bragg, California
In-Person, Phone and Skype

Lynne Sgambati Certified EFT Practitioner

Lynne Sgambati, LMFT

I am thrilled to offer my clients gentle yet powerful sessions that get to the core of what is not working in their lives so they can commit to living that which they most deeply care about. I am a body worker and energy healer for over 30 years and integrate both traditional and current modalities.
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Berkeley, California
In-Person, Phone and Skype

Patricia Costa Certified EFT Practitioner

Patricia Costa, MA

My life purpose is to facilitate your healing and help you release blocks and experience more peace, freedom and joy. Specialties: Stress Relief, Emotional and Physical Pain, Weight Loss, Relationships, and Emotional Barriers to Success and Abundance. I am fully bilingual (English/Spanish)
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San Jose, California
In-Person, Phone and Skype

Lauren Alten Certified EFT Practitioner

Lauren Alten

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting are my main tools for multifaceted healing transformation. I specialize in weight loss for anyone who is chronically overweight or has food addictions. My own personal journey has led me to a combination of approaches that is truly unique and very effective. It is not just about the numbers on the scale it is about freedom!
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Reno, Nevada
In-Person, Phone and Skype

Lieneke Hewlett Certified EFT Practitioner

Lieneke Hewlett

Offering counselling therapy to remove suffering - emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and heal limiting beliefs and blocks that prevent you from living your life to the fullest. EFT & Matrix Reimprinting, but also Indigenous/Energy/Mindfullness techniques to gently and effectively heal the source of an issue.
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778-837-6391 Pacific
Surrey, BC Canada
In-Person, Phone and Skype

Emma Ward Certified EFT Practitioner

Emma Ward

I am very passionate about helping others in all areas of their lives, divorce, abuse, trauma, low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression.My goal is to give you the freedom to express love easily and walk upon this planet with grace and confidence, embracing your true authentic power and realizing your full potential as a human being.
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Los Angeles, CA
In-Person, Phone and Skype

Isabelle Mizrahi Certified EFT Practitioner

Isabelle Mizrahi

Isabelle Mizrahi is a Holistic Health Practitioner integrating healing modalities like EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Dolphin Energy Healing with extraordinary results. Her approach and passion is to empower people to heal from within. She is fully certified in these modalities. Being a citizen of the world and having lived and traveled in different countries all her life she is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Dutch. She is a born teacher and loves to teach EFT around the world.
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Bologna, Italy
In-Person, Phone and Skype

Lieneke Hewlett Certified EFT Practitioner

Amy Piper

We are meant to live a life of joy!  It is our birth right.  My specialty involves working with individuals to resolve harmful experiences of the past as well as releasing pain in the areas of love and relationships.  I love to work with people to stop the cycle of old patterns and create a spirit of lightness in their daily lives.
My formal education is as a Speech-Language Pathologist, working with adults who have suffered brain injuries. I am also a certified as a Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and Kundalini yoga instructor.
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Los Angeles, California
In-Person, Phone and Skype

Academy Intern Practitioners

Shannon Parsons

Are you ready to ditch the stress and create success in your business and relationships?Imagine… in just a few months from now you could be responding to life instead of constantly reacting; feeling energized by your daily interactions with the people around you. No more overwhelm, reactive outbursts, struggling not to take things personally, fear of speaking up, and holding back.
What if… you could finally stop that endless mind chatter, over analyzing everything, and finally relax. You could be free from those sleepless nights, bad days, and low energy.
I am here to help you attain the Emotional Freedom and Wellness you deserve!

San Diego, California
In-Person, Phone and Skype

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