Our Curriculum

Our EFT workshops go far beyond the basics.  Even if you’ve been tapping for years you'll find a treasure trove of new information. And if you're just getting started you'll come away with a rock-solid foundation based on Gary Craig's Gold Standard EFT.  
We go deep into the fundamentals but also cover the most up-to-date scientific understandings, especially regarding trauma.

EFT Level 1

  • What is EFT and what makes it so effective?
  • The Basic Recipe and the 9 Gamut Procedure
  • Knowing what to say
  • Being Specific and Focusing on the Negative
  • Aspects
  • Secondary Gain
  • Understanding Emotional Trauma
  • The Tell a Story Technique
  • Cravings and Addictions
  • Protocols for Physical Issues
  • What to do when EFT isn’t working
  • The Personal Peace Procedure

EFT Level 2

  • Techniques for Severe Distress and Overwhelm
  • EFT for Limiting Beliefs
  • Finding Core Beliefs and Core Issues
  • Phone & Skype Sessions
  • Delivering EFT in Groups
  • Working with Children
  • Surrogate Tapping
  • EFT for Relationships
  • Making Affirmations Work with EFT
  • Reframes
  • Standards and Best Practices for Professional Practitioners

Matrix Reimprinting Training  Matrix takes EFT to a whole new level when working with traumatic memories. Instead of simply discharging emotional distress, with Matrix we're able to locate and reverse negative core beliefs so easily.  This is profoundly life-changing work.  Learn more about Matrix Reimprinting here...

Matrix Basic Practitioner Training

  • Finding & Changing Core Beliefs
  • Locate Repressed & Pre-Conscious Trauma 
  • Working with Dissociated Clients
  • Leveraging Epigenetics to Heal the Body
  • Fully & Gently Resolving Traumatic Memories
  • Working with ECHOs
  • Generational Healing
  • Past Life Reimprinting
  • Birth Reimprinting & In-Utero Work
  • Surrogate Work in the Matrix
  • Re-Writing Traumatic Memories to Reverse the Encoded Negative Beliefs

Matrix Reimprinting for Specific Issues

  • Understanding Morphic Fields
  • Sexual Trauma
  • Physical & Emotional Abuse
  • Allergies & Phobias
  • Blocks to Success & Self-Sabotage
  • Grief and Loss
  • Pain and Illness
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Future Self Reimprinting
  • Procrastination
  • Relationships
  • Matrix Resolution

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  Rob’s genuineness, passion and playfulness, along with his obvious skill and experience, helped me feel cared about, encouraged and delightfully enlightened about this amazing natural health and success practice, EFT! His blend of rich content and hands-on practice sessions have helped me to discover and clear many of my own blocks to having the kind of joyful freedom I desire WHILE becoming more skillful at effectively helping others. As a result, my confidence in myself has increased tremendously. Such a valuable investment!

EFT Curriculum students

  Invaluable Training!!! I can't stress enough how much I appreciated Rob's sharing of knowledge, skills and practical suggestions. His experience with a wide variety of clients, as well as different ways of delivering EFT adds a new dimension into the EFT curriculum. I not only learned new skills while working with other participants, but also gained greater confidence as a new EFT practitioner. Rob's personality creates a very supportive and fun atmosphere. The workshop was so much fun!

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