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World-Class Artisan EFT Training and Certification with Matrix Remimprinting

Whether you'd like to become a Certified Practitioner, add these amazing tools to your existing healing practice, or simply want to transform your own life and help loved ones, our workshops give you the best possible foundation for success.

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Welcome to our EFT Training & Certification Academy

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EFT Training & Certification

Tapping the Matrix Academy provides artisan training & certification for both EFT & Matrix Reimprinting – cutting edge tools for profound personal transformation.

Basic EFT is surprisingly simple - even a child can learn this useful tool in just a few minutes. However, our workshops go FAR beyond the basics and open up the full life-changing potential of tapping.  Learn how to rapidly clear anxiety, neutralize disturbing memories, erase addictive cravings and address physical conditions like allergies, pain, fibromyalgia, etc. by releasing their emotional contributors. 

Matrix Reimprinting is a masterful way of using EFT to replace the negative core beliefs that limit our potential, and eliminating the emotional burden of traumatic memories.  Matrix provides the most exciting, profound level of change work available today.

Personal Benefits:

  • Experience New Levels of personal peace and freedom from stress
  • Discover new energy, enthusiasm and direction by releasing the past
  • Let go of the negative limiting beliefs holding you back from love, success and being your most authentic self
  • Make wonderful new friends
EFT Training makes people happy

Professional  Benefits:

  • Become incredibly effective without years of training
  • Provide sessions with dramatic benefits that get clients excited and wanting more
  • Work via Skype or phone from just about anywhere with clients worldwide 
  • Learn how to help almost anyone with almost any issue - and specialize in whatever areas excite you most
  • Join the exciting cutting-edge community of healing practitioners
EFT Training Classmates

What Our Students Say

  I love learning and have taken many workshops over the years. This, by far, has been one of the most enjoyable, inspiring, informative and well organized workshops I have ever attended. Rob takes great care to thoroughly train and guide his students through the process of learning this incredible technique. He is able to create a casual and fun atmosphere while addressing everyone's questions with respect and patience. Rob knows his stuff and generously shares his expertise with enthusiasm"

  If you are someone who likes to improve yourself, then this training will save you a lot of time and money. You can use it on yourself for free, for life, with impressive results. If you are a therapist, then this training will help you to help your clients even more effectively, even if you were already getting great results"

  Rob is fun to watch and listen to. His presentation is clear and well-informed. I like that he comes from a place of generosity and is motivated to share his knowledge to help humanity in general. It matters to me who I work with and I’m glad I picked Rob as my trainer. In fact, considering how much I enjoyed myself and what I came away with, it was the best training I’ve ever had"

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What Makes Our Academy Great?

Our Workshops  They're fun and fast paced, packed with information, exercises, practice sessions and live demonstrations.  These are NOT dry, academic trainings!  And there’s plenty of opportunity to work through your own issues. You'll enjoy powerful growth experiences while developing the skills and confidence you need to be a successful practitioner.  This is true artisan EFT training.
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The Clinic  If you don't already have a healing practice, it can be challenging building one.  Volunteering in our low-cost Clinic gives you access to "real" clients, who've paid real money and expect real results.  This is something that swap sessions and working with friends and family can't really provide.  And Clinic clients often become your paying clients - helping you jump start your career.
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Supervision  Our EFT training & certification program includes on-going supervision - monthly group calls and one-one-one consultations.  It's inevitable that questions, problems and issues come up while working with clients.  With supervision challenges become stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks, and this is crucial!  And the support doesn't end when you graduate - you get free group consultation calls for life!

Simplicity  Our requirements for certification are streamlined and make sense.  Four 2 day workshops that provide all the training you'll need.  You're encouraged to re-take them and we've made it very inexpensive to do so.  50 practice sessions plus supervision will make you a strong, grounded and confident practitioner.  Doing your own 15+ personal sessions will help you get out of your own way.  We have an ethics requirement (waived if you're already licensed).  No hidden costs, no moving goal posts.
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Our Trainer  Rob Nelson has a knack for explaining even difficult concepts in clear and understandable terms.  He has a wealth of psychological knowledge and is able to illustrate points with real life examples from his own thriving practice.  Rob is honest, approachable and very generous with his teachings.  This creates a safe space for students.  His enthusiasm for the work is totally infectious and he can be extremely funny.
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The Directory  We want our students to be successful!  Our directory lists our Certified Practitioner graduates and also student interns who've completed the ethics requirement and at least 15 practice sessions.  We encourage you to begin charging and some of our students have paid for the program before graduation.  We're dedicated to having our directory rank well on Google so potential clients can find you.  
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Affordability  The EFT workshops are as low as $800 and our Certification Package is currently $800 - so you can become a Certified EFT Practitioner for as little as $1600.  This includes ongoing post-grad supervision and minimum three years free listing on our practitioner directory.  Matrix certification is an additional $800 with early registration discounts.  

There are few things in life  more satisfying
than helping people 
shed life-long fears
and limitations...

Helping them step into their authentic greatness.

And it no longer takes years of training 
and tens of thousands of dollars tuition
to be incredibly effective!

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